Head of Marketing for Google and YouTube in Romania 
  • Ads Marketing: Help companies and agencies grow their business online;
  • Consumer Marketing: Connect users with our products (Search, YouTube, etc.) and launch new ones in Romania (YouTube Premium/ Music/Kids, Google Pay, Stadia);
  • Grow with Google: Support the growth of the digital and startup ecosystems (Google for Startups, Google Atelierul Digital, Google for Education, etc.);
  • I also work on a few regional (Central and Eastern European) projects;

Tech Advisor and Investor 
  • Angel investing via Accel Starters;
  • Working closely with tech founders (advisor/ board member/ investor);

[digital human]
  •  My YouTube channel & other social media accounts;
  •  Conferences & Talks  (Digital Transformation, AI, Marketing);
  •  Media Appearances (YouTube, TV, Press);


  • Year in Review: Google and YouTube Projects
  • Year in Review: Startups

  • Partnerships: Google for StartupsAdvancingAI 
  • Product Launches: Google Pay | Google Stadia| Eroii Internetului
  • Programs: Grow Romania w. Google | Online Safety | Googleversary 
  • Online events with top advertisers and agencies (Retail Month, YouTube Select, E-Commerce masterclass, and others)

  • Partnerships: Techcelerator | YouTube & Untold | YouTube & Samsung
  • Product Launches: YouTube Music and Premium | Market Finder
  • Programs: Design Thinking | Innovate with Google Atelierul Digital | Grow with Google: Accelerate Romania’s Digital Economy 
  • Events with top advertisers and agencies (Retail Academy, Digital Bootcamp, Unicorns, and others)

  • Partnerships: YouTube Partnership with Untold and Neversea
  • Product Launches: Google AdWords Express
  • Programs: Google Atelierul Digital for DevelopersGoogle Hubs In Tech Universities
  • Events with top advertisers and agencies (Digital Bootcamp, Unicorns, and others)

  •  Scaled BlaBlaCar regionally

  • Coordinated the sale of Ana IMEP to Nidec