#CEOseries is a mini-project from 2016/2017 in which I am discussing with successful CEOs who are managing multi-million euro businesses . These are people that I admire a lot, both professionally and personally, and with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate in different projects.

As I have learned a lot from them, I have decided to record short interview (7-15 minutes) in which we talk about a wide variety of topics, from favorite books to business and life advice, and share it with more people:

1. #CEOseries: Intro – about the project

2.#CEOseries: Marius Stefan, CEO and founder of Autonom

3.#CEOseries: Alexandra Copos de Prada, CEO Ana Pan, Ana Hotels

4.#CEOseries: Fady Chreih, CEO Regina Maria

5.#CEOseries: Diego Prada, CEO Signalhorn, former CEO Ana IMEP

6.#CEOseries: Iulian Circiumaru & Andrei Cretu , co-Founders/CEOs Benefit Seven