The secret to improve your business writing

Tl;DR* Business writing can accelerate your career as it’s a force multiplier for your judgement. Clarity and influence make your writing better, and the principles you need to apply are summarized in this post. Isn’t it weird that we send…


Nassim Taleb’s Program

In August I attended Nassim Taleb’s 2-week program on topics such as: Antifragility, Decision Making, Risk Taking, Black Swan, Skin in the Game, and many more. I’ve always been a big fan of his work because I believe he is…

Better decisions through unbiasing

Better decisions through unbiasing

We often resort to mental shortcuts due to the huge amount of information that we have to process on a daily basis. Some of these shortcuts are useful and help us operate in this fast moving environment, while others lead…


Learn to get feedback

Some managers are eager to provide feedback to their team and peers, and understand the value of it…until they are on the receiving end of it. Try to avoid these two common mistakes: 1) Not making it clear enough that…


#CEOseries: Iulian & Andrei, co-founders/CEOs Benefit Seven

Iulian Circiumaru and Andrei Cretu are the co-founders/CEOs of Benefit Seven, a B2B company providing benefits to employees through a subscription model called 7 Card. The company expects to generate 4.5 mn. euro in revenues in 2017 from 30,000 subscribers….

#CEOseries: Diego Prada, CEO Signalhorn, former CEO Ana IMEP

#CEOseries: Diego Prada, CEO Signalhorn, former CEO Ana IMEP

Diego Prada is CEO of Signalhorn, a global hybrid network solutions provider, and the former CEO of Ana IMEP, the 4th largest European producer of motors for white goods. Before that, he was Head of Operations for McKinsey Investment Office…


#CEOseries: Fady Chreih, CEO Regina Maria

Fady is the CEO of Regina Maria, one of the largest private healthcare companies in Romania, with yearly revenues of more than 80 mn. euros. He is one of the youngest successful CEOs in Romania and has been leading the…

#CEOseries: Alexandra Copos de Prada, CEO Ana Pan, Ana Hotels

#CEOseries: Alexandra Copos de Prada, CEO Ana Pan, Ana Hotels

Alexandra Copos de Prada is the CEO of Ana Pan and former CEO of Ana Hotels, Romanian largest bakery and hotels chains. She is also one of the founders for Aspire Academy (  Alexandra is an amazing CEO, who managed…


#CEOSERIES: Marius Stefan, CEO and founder AUTONOM

First interview from #CEOseries with Marius Stefan, CEO and founder of Autonom. Marius was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. We talk about book recommendations, best and worst advice he received, company culture and many other interesting topics.


Great speech from Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn

“…and if we do that, our valuation will take care of itself” Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, is one of my favorite leader in tech. He is a CEO who understands the importance of company culture and from whom I…


#CEOseries: Intro

Here is the intro to a personal project I have started: #CEOseries, interviews with successful CEOs on business and life.