Accelerate Romania's Digital Economy

Accelerate Romania’s Digital Economy

On the 3rd of December we organized a Grow with Google event on the topic of Digital Economy. During the event we discussed digital initiatives that drive economic growth and productivity.

Among our guests, we had:

  • Raluca Turcan, Romanian Deputy Prime Minister, who emphasized the fact that digitization should be priority zero due to its economic potential;
  • Daniel Spiridon, Managing Partner McKinsey, who talked about Romania as a Digital Challenger ;
  • Jonathan Dupont, Director at Public First, who launched the Economic Impact Report which aims to measure Google’s economic impact in Romania;

According to the report, Google’s products support 4.3 billion lei in a year in economic activity, Google Search and Google Maps save the average Romanian 26 hours a year, and the total value of Search, Maps, and YouTube for the median Romanian internet user is worth around 130 lei per month. You can find more info here.

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